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Why Companies make it Difficult to Reach Customer Care on Phone?

Several companies make it difficult for customers to contact its phone support. Take case of Amazon, Zomato, or several other companies, they either have no phone support or make it too difficult for people to reach a person and talk person to person.

  1. Some encourage customers to look for solutions in help section, forums, or else where.
  2. Those who do provide a phone numbers easily, have their lines too busy that you hardly get to speak to a customer care representative. Sometimes the waiting time in in hours. Companies know this, but they simply don’t make arrangements to handle large number of calls.
  3. Some public companies like IRCTC, and others have a working phone number but several people complaint that nobody picks their call.
  4. Some companies simply put their customer care number on IVR and there is either no option to speak to a person or they hide that option in a way that common man is unable to contact their support team.
  5. Some even worse companies put their customer care number on music mode, like I found in case of Arise India. Its keeps playing music even if you wait for 2 hours.

So Why Companies Do This?

  1. Providing customer support especially Phone Support is costly as people tend to talk for longer duration. An email contact is handled in 30 seconds to 5 minutes but a phone contact is usually handled in 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
  2. Many companies in India operate on thin margins. And its not viable for them to provide phone support as it can eat all of their earnings.
  3. Several companies go bankrupt and then customer support is usually the first thing that sees a cut in expenses.
  4. In case of public sector companies this happens because no body is held accountable. There is no risk on Job and staff has a “Chalta Hai” attitude.

Whats the Solution?

You can not make these companies provide better support but there are ways of getting your problem resolved. In case of public sector companies you can complaint to the ministry website. In case of private companies you can find customer care numbers and service center details on this website or on third party websites. Also you can contact Nodal/Grievance officers of those companies. We do provide these contact details where available.

We hope you are able to resolve your problem using the information provided on this website. If not, do leave a comment and we will help as much as we can.