The Holidays Club customer care number, email ID and office address is provided below to help you send inquiries to The Holidays Clubs India support and also information on how to handle problems not resolved by their support. We also review if their customers are happy or not based on reviews and feedback left by their customers on the public domain online. We also review the explanations provided by them to their unsatisfied customers and the terms and conditions on their website.

The Holidays Club Customer Care Details

The Holidays Club Customer Care Number: +91 88828 71871
The Holidays Club Toll Free Number: 1800 274 3000
The Holidays Club Customer Care Email[email protected]
The Holidays Club Bookings Email: [email protected][email protected]


The Holidays Club is a holiday membership program just like club mahindra. It offers 6 night 7 days of holidays in their Indian resorts, every year for a flat member ship fee plus an annual maintenance fee of 9500 (as in year 2018) every year.  Only a few of their properties are 3 to 4 star properties, rest are just normal resorts/hotels, far away from the main tourist place. They have also associated with a few third party hotels to provide accommodation to their members in India.

In addition to that, they also offer DAE properties in India and abroad for which members have to pay extra money. International locations are only available in DAE program and There is not even a single international location where you can stay without paying additional money. 

They offer three type of memberships: RED, WHITE and BLUE.  Main difference between them is that if you are a RED member, you can get rooms anytime, even on New Year, Diwali, or School Vacations. While if you are a BLUE member, you will get rooms only during non peak seasons.

We availed Blue Membership and hence our review is specific for the blue membership. In this membership you get only Studio Rooms and if they are not available you pay extra money to stay in standard rooms.  Your cost to stay in these rooms is 1,20,000 divided by 10 years = 12000. Plus annual fee 9500 = 21600; Divided by 6 nights = 3580. I did not include the interest on upfront payment of 120000 for 10 years. If I do that, then the cost of room per night goes above Rs 4800 per night.

At that cost you can easily manage a good hotel in a 3 to 4 start property. Any you don’t have restrictions like Studio Room alone, or rooms available only in non peak season, etc. You can be at ease and plan your trip when you want or not plan it for several years.

Can You Get This Membership for Less?

Yes, you can. If you refer your friends and they become members, you get 1 year AMC charge waived off for ever 1 member that joins. So, your effective cost comes down significantly.

Does It Makes Sense to Buy this membership?

Yes and No.

Yes, if you are sure that you can refer at least 10 friends that will become members of this holiday club, then you can join this club and go for international holidays in Europe and get a good value for your money.

No, if you don’t want to refer your friends or you think they might not join as members.


It makes no sense to go for this membership unless you can get them members year after year. It would also make sense to join this program if you plan to visit countries in Europe, America, Australia, Dubai, etc. Locally stay only in 3 star and 4 star properties of theirs.


The business itself exists and offers services to customers who avail them. It can be called a costly program but not a scam business. But what about its marketing strategy? As far as its marketing strategy is concerned, yes, its fishy and look like a trap for catching new customers.

Whats wrong with their marketing policy?

Before I tell you whats wrong with their marketing policy. Lets check if company itself is aware of this wrong marketing policy or not? Lets see if they actually encourage their marketing people to make false promises or not?

I have checked the terms and conditions page on their website and find that company safeguards itself from the promises made by sales persons representing them. Clearly, they know whats going on and they have no intention of stopping it. They just safeguard themselves.  Look at their point #16 and #17 of their terms and conditions.


  1. It costs only 2000 per night if you take their membership. Actual cost is 4800 per night. Even if you don’t add interest on Upfront payment, still its 3580 per night.
  2. You can go for international holidays with this membership. This is tricky statement, because customer feels that cost of international rooms is included in membership fee that he is paying but actually he has to pay extra for it.
  3. They claim of having 3 to 4 star properties. But the fact is that there are only a few 3 to 4 star properties, rest are ordinary hotels.
  4. When they tell you prices of their rooms, they tell you the rack rates, which are like MRP and not the actual rates at which they are available on websites like


There is no grievance redressal procedure mentioned on their website. If your issue is not resolved by their customer care team you can ask them to escalate the issue to senior managers but you can not contact them directly. This will surely lengthen the problem resolution time and result in customer dis-satisfaction.

You may try the mobile number provided for Bhopal office which appears to be a direct number of a representative of the company.


Twitter: NA


The holidays club has 4 regional offices in India and one in Dubai at the time of writing this post. These are:

The Holidays Club
Mango Blossom 29/4, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road,
Near Indian Oil Petrol Pump.
Phone No. : +91 88828 71871

The Holidays Club
27, Ground Floor, Bank Nagar, Behind Ramjan Hotel,
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh – 462023.
Phone No. : +91 86020 87672

The Holidays Club
1st Floor, Kartar Niwas Building,
Above Woodland Showroom,
Main Road Russel Chowk, Jabalpur M.P.
Phone No. : 1800 274 3000

The Holidays Club
502, 5th Floor, Dipti Rai Complex, Opposite SK Puri,
Post Office Boring Road, Patna – 800001.
Phone No. : +91 88828 71871

The Holidays Club
Luxury Club Holidays (FZC)
Saif Suite X1-20, P.O Box 122388, Sharjah,
UAE (Dubai)
Phone No. : +971 5289 42422


The Holidays Club
Ansal Plaza Mall, FF-SR 03,
Vaishali, Ghaziabad, UP- 201012.

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  1. I made the mistake to pay them for this membership but soon realized the mistake and asked for a refund. but its been 10 days and they have not refunded my money. Looks like a SCAM company that only cares about getting money by hook or crook.

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